Patent Attorney of Ukraine

Patent Attorney of Ukraine

this is the representative for intellectual property.

Intellectual property is a statutory right to the result of a person’s intellectual activity in various spheres of public life.

A work of human thought, such as a literary work or invention, can not, unlike material things, guarantee not the use of it by outsiders only because someone already owns it.

To date, Ukraine has established a regulatory and legal framework for the protection of intellectual property rights. Legislation is based on the right of everyone to own, use and dispose of the results of his intellectual, creative activity, which, being a good material, are retained by his creators and can be used by others only with the consent of the creators, except in cases determined by law.

The registered object of intellectual property can be sold, allowed to use it under a contract with the payment of remuneration to you, to prohibit its use.

The patent attorney is a reliable qualified assistant in matters of protection of rights to intellectual property.

Professional services of the Patent Attorney:

  • Patenting of inventions and utility models.
  • Registration of trademarks (marks for goods and services).
  • Patenting of industrial designs.
  • International registration of trademarks (signs for goods and services).
  • International protection of inventions and utility models.
  • Registration of copyright.
  • Preparation and registration of license agreements.
  • Preparation of copyright contracts.
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