Silicon valley and known Ukrainians

Silicon valley: peculiarities of the initiation, secrets of success and known Ukrainians

Silicon Valley is a place where almost every startup and programmer dreams to work. It is not on the geographic map, but it is one of the largest centers of development of world innovation technologies. “They built innovative companies that have become huge technology corporations, and that’s because wherever everyone saw the risk, they saw opportunities,” venture capitalist Tom Perkins said of the pioneers of the Valley.

Silicon Valley: features of origin, secrets of success and famous Ukrainians
Silicon Valley is the world’s leading center of high-tech companies located in the southwest of California. The largest cities in the Silicon Valley are San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo, Polo Alto, Fremont, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Livermore and Pleasanton. Stanford University became an original intellectual center of the Valley, which annually takes in its ranks about 7000 students and 8000 graduate students. Many of the graduates subsequently join the ranks of the inhabitants of large companies, inform Economic News.

Silicon Valley: features of origin, secrets of success and famous Ukrainians

Now the leading manufacturers of microprocessors, software, mobile devices, biotechnologies, etc. are working here. It all began in the middle of the 19th century, when the first research laboratories for shipbuilding, both military and commercial, were built on this territory. Add that the US Navy contributed to the formation of the Valley: in 1933 the Navy acquired Moffetfield – a piece of land in the city of Sunnyvale for servicing military airships. Later, the territory became the center of the aerospace industry. During World War II, radar and artillery systems were manufactured here.

One of the “fathers” of the Silicon Valley is the physicist William Shockley, who, while working at Bell Labs, together with his colleagues, invented the first germanium bipolar transistor. For this researchers in 1956 they received the Nobel Prize in Physics. Later, Shockley moved to California, where he founded the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory in Mountain View. The main purpose of the new company was the development of methods for the use of silicon in the manufacture of transistors (which replaced the more expensive and less resistant to high temperatures semiconductor material – germanium). Shockley gathered eight talented young researchers in his team who, after the death of their mentor, continued the business and established a successful production of silicon transistors. These employees went down in history under the name “Treacherous Eight”.

Silicon Valley: features of origin, secrets of success and famous Ukrainians

For the first time the name “Silicon Valley” was used in 1971 in his report on the development of the semiconductor industry journalist Don Hefler. The Russian-language version of “Silicon Valley” arose from the similarity of writing English words silicon (silicon) and silicone (silicone). Criticizing the error, in 1984, Steve Gibson wrote in Infoworld magazine: “… integrated circuits are created from thin, round, flat plates of ultrapure silicon. This is by no means the same as silicone. Silicon Valley – this is what some Hollywood actresses see when they look under their feet. Silicon Valley is a place in Northern California where chips are made. “

In 1972, financiers Eugene Kleiner and Tom Perkins created the first venture capital company in the Silicon Valley for young entrepreneurs. After that, inventors and scientists from around the world began to seek happiness in the Valley. We add that ordinary residents who had a piece of land in the southwest of California instantly became billionaires after the sale of plots.

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