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Copyright this is a collection of rights belonging to the author in connection with the creation and use of works of literature, science, art. This is a set of legal norms governing relations arising from the creation and use of

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Silicon valley and known Ukrainians

Silicon valley: peculiarities of the initiation, secrets of success and known Ukrainians Silicon Valley is a place where almost every startup and programmer dreams to work. It is not on the geographic map, but it is one of the largest

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Development of innovations and subsidies for high-tech industries

The Ministry of Education and Science has developed a package of laws for the development of innovations, providing subsidies for high-tech industries 66 projects with the participation of Ukrainian scientists accepted for financing in the program of the European Union

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Information support and organizational support of innovative business

Information support and organizational support of innovative business, providing a wide range of patent information services, conducting information searches and patent studies, drafting applications for the issuance of protection documents in Ukraine and abroad, drawing up license agreements; consulting on

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Intellectual property center

Intellectual property center The department of patent information services, consultations and promotion of innovative activities of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property” has many years of experience in the field of intellectual property. The Branch employs experienced specialists

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Trademark (Trademark) Trademark in Ukraine (trademark) is a designation that distinguishes goods and services of certain persons among similar or related goods and services of other persons. What rights does the owner of the certificate of Ukraine have for a

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Industrial model

Industrial model What is an industrial design? The industrial model is the result of man’s creative activity in the field of artistic design. The object of the industrial design can be a shape, a pattern or a combination thereof that

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Invention and utility model

Invention and utility model What is an invention and utility model? The invention (utility model) is the result of human intellectual activity in any field of technology. The invention is an opportunity to ensure progress in any field of technology

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Patent Attorney of Ukraine

Patent Attorney of Ukraine this is the representative for intellectual property. Intellectual property is a statutory right to the result of a person’s intellectual activity in various spheres of public life. A work of human thought, such as a literary

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